One and only Faks helizim

Dear friends from Saponia,

I’m 70 years old grandmother. I live in Zagreb 60 years and I use Faks helizim almost 50 years. If I have collected packaging, I could fill with her entire truck. All who use it, know that it is top quality. Who buys Faks helizim just one more time, will always buy it. Because, laundry washed with Faks helizim is perfectly clean. With Faks helizim you can boil dishes, and cups in restaurants ( I know that from experience because I worked for years in the restaurant). Faks helizim can replace other cleaning products in household. For shiny bathroom is good mixture of Faks helizim and boiled vinegar. Faks helizim is very good for for the destruction of various insects, such as ants. Boil your gold jewelry and they will shine, and pots for making coffee, grill and stove wash with Faks helizim and it will be like new.

My message is: for all in household THERE IS ONE AND ONLY FAKS HELIZIM.

Housewife from Zagreb

Dear Saponia,

every day I look at advertising for laundry detergents, although I am not interested  because I already have my favorite detergent. That’s Faks helizim.

Faks helizim is the best detergent for washing laundry. Almost 37 years my washing machine used only Faks helizim. My family and I are delighted by the Faks helizim and I recommend it to all women because really there is no better laundry detergent. With nice greetings wish you so much success in your work.

Housewife from Mostar

Sincere congratulations

for successful 120 anniversary of work and existence. In my family your products are used for generations. My grandmother was washing laundry with Faks helizim, then my mother, and now I use Faks helizim. Ant not only Faks helizim, but also Ornel, Arf, Kalodont and other products. I wish you all success in your future business. Kind regards.

Housewife from Osijek