Saponia - Handysept & DeziClean

08. 09 2020.

Proven brands more important than ever!

The situation in which we all found ourselves affected each of us, in a way.
Now is the time to look to the future, put health first and adjust to a new way of life.

Many Saponia products are key to maintaining cleanliness throughout our region, both in professional hygiene and in maintaining proper hygiene, personal health and a healthy home environment. With our products we strive to increase health and hygiene awareness and encourage consumers to adopt new cleaning and disinfection habits.

From now on, the most famous brands of Saponia - Faks Helizim, Likvi, Arf, Bis, Lahore provide a completely new dimension of purity and quality of life, in the fight against viruses and bacteria.
Our goal was to adapt the most effective products from the professional segment to mass consumption, for the best hygiene of every household.
Make your environment safe for everyday life - DEZI CLEAN and HANDYSEPT product lines.

SAPONIA - Let's keep clean!

Saponia - Handysept & DeziClean