Ornel won the CROPAK award for production quality of packaging

17. 05 2012.

Saponia received prestigious CROPAK 2012 award for production quality of packaging for Ornel series of products.

Modern architecture of Ornel bottle with associated closure is in complete harmony with characteristics of a product for which the ambalage is intended. First association about fabric softener is tenderness, softness and scent. Exactly those elements are indirectly represented on the bottle and closure.

Connection between one, two and three litre Ornel bottles is ergonomic design and adjustment to intended use. Stylized floral petals  have a function of hand grip, representing position of hand and fingers during product use.

Originality of bottle elements is followed by closure symbolizing flower in full bloom – the moment when its scent comes to full expression. Emotional elements are connected with functional ones and closing cap is in the same time dosing unit with exact volume to secure proper use of the product.

Label design is harmonized with bottle and closure anatomy. With clearly emphasized elements and contrast between logo and fragrant note of the product, label sends signals to the user about the product.

Ornel won the CROPAK award for production quality of packaging