Ornel detergent 2in1

17. 03 2022.

Ornel detergent - irresistible fragrant notes for your clothes

For all lovers of superior cleanliness and the smell of laundry, Saponia has prepared a new collection of detergents - Ornel. Ornel fabric softeners have had their loyal fans for years. Favorite fragrances of Ornel softeners Calming and Golden Dream are built into the detergent to take the whole washing process to a new level and provide special pleasure and satisfaction when washing clothes.

Today, consumers choose laundry products that give more than functional expectations. Fragrances in the area of ​​laundry detergents allow for an emotional connection with the brand. With the new brand in the detergent category, we wanted to arouse the interest of consumers and that is why we have created the most fragrant laundry collection to date.
Thanks to the new 2in1 technology extra freshness & perfect cleanliness, Ornel detergent acts on the fibers of the garment, ensuring deep, fragrant cleanliness of the laundry. Intended for washing clothes at temperatures of 20 - 95 ° C. Ornel formulas strongly remove stains, and special ingredients built into the formulation restore colors and maintain their freshness.It effectively removes various types of stains and ensures brilliant fragrant purity. Ornel detergents provide a feeling of freshness with every touch and a special pleasure for all the senses.

Ornel detergent Calming with its wonderful floral scent of a gorgeous bouquet of roses, geraniums and violets is a real fragrant refreshment for your laundry. This fragrance is wonderfully strong, intensely sensual and irresistibly appealing. In addition to the Calming variant, Ornel Golden Dream detergent is also on offer, which makes washing a special experience because it captivates with intoxicating notes of orange blossom and jasmine. Precious fragrant essences of musk, amber and sandalwood have been added to make golden dreams last.
For a completely perfect fragrant composition, it is recommended to use Ornel softener of the same fragrant note in addition to Ornel detergent.

Clean and fragrant clothes are always the main fashion inspiration, and now is the right time to start preparing your clothes for this fragrant trend that will mark the spring and summer of 2022!

Ornel detergent 2in1