Nila - Created by Experts

08. 09 2020.


Playing with the colors and textures of fabrics creates an original look that emphasizes the individuality of the person wearing them. Colors affect mood, emotions, behavior. Clothes that we like to wear are often washed.

Saponia experts have created new formulations of the Nila, with which modern clothing will shine again due to incorporated special ingredients have that preserve the brilliant colors and fibers of clothing, so that valuable garments stay longer than new. It contains care enzymes that smooth the fibers of clothing, improve the feel of fabrics and prevent the formation of wrinkles.
The new formulas are gentle enough to wash even extremely delicate fabrics, and will leave them soft and pliable. Modern, inspiring scents intensely refresh clothing, so it retains a pleasant freshness when worn.
The new Nila My Happy Colors is intended for washing colored delicate laundry, Nila My Sensual Black for black and dark laundry, Nila My Beautiful Delicates - Micellar Formula for particularly sensitive laundry, and Nila My Cute Baby - dermatologically tested, gentle detergent for washing and care clothing for babies, children and people with sensitive skin. It does not contain dyes or allergens in parfume.
The new, elegant packaging will grab the attention of consumers at first sight.

Give tenderness and attention to your clothes and they will give you back their beauty and freshness

Nila - Created by Experts