Likvi ultra, miraculous power of nature!

04. 03 2021.

The new limited edition Likvi awakening nature collection, with its color, design and fragrance, invites the awakening of the senses, a positive attitude and a good mood. Nature wakes up and offers us beautiful scenes and scents to enjoy. The wonderful world of nature in bloom and the smell of the sea is now at your fingertips with the new Likvi.

Likvi ultra Cherry blossom, a refined sophisticated scent of imposing cherry blossoms complemented by natural notes of almond and coconut with  green and fruity notes, blended into this story, provide an enchantingly seductive fragrant experience.

Likvi ultra Deep sea, fragrant magic of the deep endless sea horizon with plant notes of the Mediterranean and relaxing citrus notes. It is enriched with essential oils that contribute to a special fragrant experience and its precious already well-known benefits and sea salt, which has a beneficial effect on the skin of the hands.

Likvi ultra has not been tested on animals, it contains natural ingredients and the pH is neutral. Packaging can be recycled.

Perfectly clean dishes with minimal effort come in a practical 450 ml package ideal for any household.

Likvi ultra, miraculous power of nature!