Likvi – 40 years proven recipe for clean and shiny dishes

13. 03 2017.

Likvi celebrates its 40th birthday this year. Thanks to the experience of Saponia's experts and continuous investment in supreme quality, monitoring market trends and business strategy oriented towards consumers, Likvi deservedly become a synonym for hand dishwashing thru years.

Brand Likvi guarantees reliability and quality, offers exceptional strength of degreasing, rich and stable foam, and refreshing scent makes the job of washing dishes more pleasant. The whole line is pH-neutral, biodegradable and not tested on animals. Value of Likvi brand reflects in its potential of continuous creation of loyal customers, and cleanliness, shine and scent which remain after dishwashing are certainly the recipe and little secret of every kitchen chef.

The most beautiful celebrations are in the good and big company, so we have begun the marking of the anniversary by extending the range of Likvi brad with a new type Likvi ultra apple that removes the toughest stains from all types of dishes with the irresistible scent of fresh apples.

Choosing groceries, preparing meals, serving and way of enjoying the food has become sort of a language to express emotions, and perfectly clean dishes are like white canvas at which served meals become true masterpieces.

And after every celebration, it is known, comes the less favorable cleaning and dishwashing...

But here is Likvi!

Likvi 40 years