Hello Sunshine - 30% više mirisa

08. 03 2021.

Want even more fragrance and freshness in your home? With "Hello Sunshine" from Saponia, that is also possible

We are one step closer to the spring, the most fragrant season that always amazes us with its deep and rich scents. To turn your home into an oasis of fragrance, Saponia is offering consumers the most fragrant product line this spring that perfectly conveys the freshness and playfulness of the new season. The "Hello Sunshine" line combines the leading brands Fsks helizim, Nila, Ornel, Arf and Bis with a new, specially created fragrance that provides 30% more fragrant freshness compared to regular products.
With a seductive scent, the premium quality Faks helizim Hello Sunshine guarantees impeccable cleanliness and brilliant whiteness of the laundry. Nila Hello Sunshine preserves the color of clothing, prevents the formation of wrinkles on fabrics, restores and smoothes the fibers of clothing and improves the feel of fabrics. Every drop of the luxurious and sensual Ornel Hello Sunshine fabric softener makes a luxurious combination of the most beautiful floral notes, and the freshness and scent of the laundry will last for days.
High quality Arf glass Hello Sunshine guarantees crystal clear, shiny glass without streaks and stains filling the space with the fresh scent of spring. Arf deobad Hello Sunshine bathroom cleaner effectively and easily removes even the most stubborn stains, providing a radiant shine and hygienic cleanliness. Hygiene cleaner Arf WC Hello Sunshine effectively cleans and removes scale and prevents the formation of new deposits by ensuring 100% hygienically clean toilet bowl. Fragrant and strong drops of toilet freshener Arf WC 5 drops Hello Sunshine with each rinse give a brilliant shine, long-lasting freshness, effectively clean and protect surfaces from limescale. Enjoy the scent and beauty of a sunny day with the extremely strong, lasting and refreshing scent of space fresheners, laundry and Bis Hello Sunshine cars.

The Hello Sunshine line will create emotions that radiate confidence and will enchant you with an amazing fragrant experience of natural elegance.
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Hello Sunshine