Faks helizim and Ornel, quality confirmation with the sign "Mom's Choice" !

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Today, when consumers have extremely high expectations from detergents and fabricsofteners, we are proud and pleased with the award "Mom's Choice" because moms know what is best for their family. The Saponia experts with dedication and love are helping the households in their care for laundry cleanliness and fragrant freshness. For many years, our customers and their needs have been Saponia's focus. In the year when Faks helizim marks its 50th birthday, this award is even more important to us. Choosing Faks helizim and Ornel in front of numerous competitors, in the first consumer satisfaction survey of products in which ratings are given exclusively by mom's has outstanding importance for us.

 " Mom's Choice " ​​is an online survey of consumer satisfaction - mother's satisfaction of used products and services. Research is done within product categories, and includes most of the products in the category. Faks helizim and Ornel have won this award in the strong competition of multinational brands.

Faks helizim and Ornel provide complete laundry care and a quality guarantee that is recognizable to consumers. Brand Faks helizim is innovation leader because in its  formulation development we incorporated all the latest trends in the area of ​​washing and laundry care. Whether they are using a powder, liquid detergent or liquid detergent capsules, our consumers can be completely sure their laundry will be impeccably clean.

Full laundry care requires a quality fabric softener. The wide range of fragrant Ornel variants will provide choice for the most demanding consumers,  and after using Ornel, laundry will have softness and long lasting fragrance.  Ornel line of products is always extended with new modern scented creations and modern packaging design that always delights consumers.

This award is a powerful message and a recommendation to all consumers for purchase, and we are strongly encouraged to insist on the quality and innovation that will help our consumers to continue their daily efforts in cleanliness and  laundry care for entire family.

Faks helizim and Ornel, quality confirmation with the sign "Mom's Choice" !