Eco Active Nature

28. 05 2019.


Responsible environmental behavior has a high priority in the business of Saponia and it is Saponia’s permanent commitment. Our vision is sustainability, encompassing ecological, economic and social aspects - from raw materials to final biodegradation.

For many years, consumers have become increasingly responsive to the issue of environmental impacts, care about the impact of the product and the quality of life itself and the society as a whole. Accordingly, they choose products that do not harm the environment or their environmental impact is minimal. However, it is still important for them to be efficient and affordable. Herbal and mineral based products use the power of nature and help maintain a healthy home, family and environment.
Basic features of all ECO ACTIVE NATURE products:
• Powerful brands that have consumer confidence
• Impeccable cleanliness
• Contains high-value ingredients that contribute to product effectiveness
• The packaging can be recycled
• The products are not tested on animals
• Have minimal environmental impact

The EU Ecolabel Certificate is a voluntary environmental protection instrument demonstrating that we as a manufacturer are respecting high environmental standards throughout the product life cycle.
The EU Ecolabel Certificate is important in promoting an international sustainable production and consumption policy aimed at reducing the negative impact of production and consumption on the environment, health, climate and natural resources and fostering socially responsible business and sustainable lifestyles. It gives the message to customers and consumers that our product meets the strict environmental standards checked by a third independent institution and are recognized in all EU countries.

Eco Active Nature