Arf and Zirodent received prestigious "Trusted Brand" award

30. 03 2011.

Trusted Brand is one of the largest European research on the relationship of consumers towards products and brands. The survey is conducted continuously in Europe since 2001., in Croatia, awards were first given in 2007.

The survey on a representative sample was conducted by independent market research agency Mediana Fides from Zagreb (2010) and Wyman Dillon from Bristol, UK (2011), with support from Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

The goal of the research is to examine which brands consumers trust the most and how do they evaluate the individual categories of products and services. On a scale of 1-5 consumer evaluates the quality, appearance, usefulness and appropriateness of price.

Confidence is the magic word behind the prizes "Trusted Brand", a quality recognized by consumers trump card with which Saponia's brands successfully cope with strong competition.

Arf – Trusted Brand 2010

According to research conducted, Arf in the category of cleaning products, took first place with 22% of votes won and high grade of 4.2. The certificate of quality is proven by the fact that 91.1% of respondents use Arf and 37.4% recommended Arf to others. With enviable results Arf left behind 35 strong competitors and thus confirmed the status of the most trusted brand.

Zirodent – Trusted Brand 2011

Winning the prize in its category, Zirodent proved to be the brand that gives the user a complete solution for every day in accordance with their needs and preferences. Consumer confidence from the high 24% of votes in the competition of the proposed 21 brands, has proven that brand Zirodent is going in the right direction.

Trust given to Arf and Zirodent by their customers is a great incentive to further improve our business and future development of brands.