A smile is the best make-up!

13. 02 2019.

A smile is the best make-up!

In a world of make-up, a highlighter was something absolutely mind-blowing for all trendsetters. With just one brush move you can point out facial parts of your choosing, which made it the irreplaceable part of a make-up routine. Following trends, we have created toothpaste, which highlights the whiteness and glow of your teeth.

To shine bright or simply be irresistible every day, we present to you the most advanced formulas for teeth whitening.

Kalodont Whitening Smile and Glow toothpaste contains dazzling particles called Timiron, which make teeth especially attractive. Gel formula provides efficient whitening while remaining gentle to teeth enamel. Active ingredients of Kalodont whitening Trendy White remove stain and dirt from teeth and dazzling particles Timiron provide an enchanting smile.  Kalodont whitening Beauty smile renews the enamel and whiteness of teeth, protects gum and teeth from the dental caries and gives your breath a long-term freshness.

Kalodont whitening Active Black toothpaste is enriched with active charcoal. This rediscovery of natural teeth whitening has attracted a great number of fans. It cleans and whitens teeth without polishing and scrubbing.  It prevents occurrence of dental caries, protects gum, refreshes your breath and successfully removes plaque.  The formula is also enriched with Dicalcium phosphate, which remineralises teeth enamel.  Toothpaste is completely paraben, sugar, gluten and SLS free, but still gives the professional teeth whitening with a neutral pH and it gives you a strong, fresh breath.

How to use them?

Simple! For a dazzling white smile and adequate oral hygiene, it is necessary to brush your teeth with your favourite Kalodont Premium Whitening toothpaste for exactly 2 minutes.  All toothpaste variants from this collection are low-abrasive, which means you can use them as much as you like.

Whom it is intended for?

Kalodont premium whitening is targeting trendy people, who would like to have a dazzling bright smile after just one teeth brushing.

If you are a trendsetter, and you are well aware that a good Instagram photo needs to have a dazzling white smile, Kalodont premium whitening is exactly what you need to shine!

Highlight your smile, because a smile is “one-size”, it fits all!

A smile is the best make-up!