Food act (NN 46/07) article 51.: „Food business operators shall establish and implement regular checks on hygiene conditions at all stages of production, processing and distribution of food, except at the level of primary production and associated operations, in each establishment under their control, by implementing a preventive own-control programme developed in accordance with the HACCP principles. ”

HACCP is abbreviation from Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and represents systemic preventive approach to food safety. HACCP is based on identification and analysis of specific hazards and establishing preventive measures to reduce the risks of production and making of potencialy dangerous food to acceptable rate.

What are prerequisite programmes?

Prerequisite programmes reduce potential risks and ensure they won’t influence the quality, t.i. safety of produced food.

As supplier of cleaning and disinfection products, with individual approach to each production facility, kitchen or store, we can offer:

  • Cleaning and disinfection plans for surfaces, appliances and equipment
  • Record sheets of implemented cleaning procedures
  • Employee education about cleaning and disinfection procedures

Only with complete solution and support cleaning and disinfection chores become invisible, but integral parts of each production process.

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