Saponia as leading manufacturer of detergents in Croatia for laundry offers products , services and business solutions that respond to various demands and specific requests each client has. Saponia’s team permanently works on improvement of its competencies and products to be able to answer to all of your current or future requests. We approach each client with due care and responsibility to ensure the best quality of launderey items in laundries and cost control that equipment for central and single dosing of liquid detergent provides.

 All that brings your laundry service to higher level of automation and efficiency.              

For implementation of our products in the field of industrial consumption we use equipment from renowed producer ELPRESS wich is manufactured in line with existing world standards (HACCP International, ISO 9001-2015 and VCA). The equipment satisfies entirely demands of our clients regarding safety, efficiency, reliability and contributes to further business process improvement.

In our offer we have two systems for cleaning and disinfection of manufacturing facilities and equipment – central system and decentral system.