Milk industry

  • Even Hipocrates claimed: Milk is the most perfect natural food.
  • By knowing properties of milk, its sensitivity as raw product and susceptibility to spoilage, it is clear how hard is the task in front of dairy workers – how to make a high quality product.
  • Quality of raw milk is the base assumption of economical milk exploitation and is a result of several facotrs: genetics, proper keeping and feeding, animal health, animal management, healty manufacturer, cleanliness and hygiene maintenance ...
  • Cheese manufacturing is one of oldest man made processes for conservation of easily spoiled foods. „Cheese can disappoint. It can be boring, naive or too sofisticated. But, the fact remains that cheese is milk's leap toward immortality.” Said Clifton Fadiman, american author.
  • Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene maintenance is the basic precursor of successfull milk and dairy product manufacturin.
  • Care of choosing high quality and professional products leave to us.....