Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industry

  • Drink is a term for all liquids people consume oraly for pleasure or to satisfy physical needs. Drinks are usualy divided in two basic groups based on alcohol content at alcoholic or non-alcoholic. There are other divisions based on heat: cold and hot, and carbonated or non-carbonated. Basis of life should not be forgoten as well – water. Croatia is in the world’s top based on drinking water supply. Of annual production in 2015 of 374 million liters, 26 l of bottled water are consumed per capita.
  • Beer is considered as one of oldest alcoholic drinks in history. Beer manufacturing requires some knowlede, equipment and patience... Time makes a difference between average and good beer.
  • „Wine is among drinks the most usefull, among medicines the most tastefull , nad of food the most pleasant” said Plutarch from Chaeronea, greek phylosopher. There is one winemakers „as good as your barrels are maintained, cleaned and cared for, as good will be your wine....”
  • Whatever your manufacturing and bottling is (beer, wine, spirits, water, juices, ice teas...) the most important is high hygiene level of all manufaturing lines with minimal failures.
  • Leave the care of choosing high quality and professional cleaning and hygiene maintenance products to us.....