Priroda daje toothpaste

By carefully selecting natural components,we created a unique and gorgeous line of products that will perfectly match every skin type.
Believing in the power of nature, and living in harmony with it, is a constant inspiration in all segments of life. So when purity of nature is enhanced by experience, knowledge and innovation,the line of cosmetic products 'NATURE'S BEST' is created.
Because it is natural to choose natural.

Toothpaste - Natural Zeolite

This toothpaste contains 15% of natural mineral zeolite-clinoptilolite. It binds bacteria and viruses and successfully removes the plaque. Prevents formation of caries and neutralizes unpleasant breath leaving a long lasting freshness of lemon juice.
Zeolite clinoptilolite
- Successfully removes plaque
- Prevents caries and unpleasant breath
- Keeps teeth and dental flesh healthy
- Biophysical action
Di-calcium phosphate
- Remineralizes and removes spots from the enamel surface

Packaging: 75 ml
Toothpaste - Pink Clay

Toothpaste with a sweet-mint flavor. It contains 100% natural pink clay that promotes regeneration and mucosal resistance and is recommended for sensitive teeth and gums.
Pink clay
- Natural oral cavity detoxifier
- Antibacterial activity
- Prevents the emergence of caries
- Strengthens the enamel
- Conveniently affects the construction of normal tissue function
- Regenerates and hydrates

Packaging: 75 ml
Toothpaste - Active Charcoal & Sodium Bicarbonate

 Toothpaste with double whitening power. It thoroughly and gently cleanses teeth and dental enamel and also prevents and eliminates undesirable pigmentation.
Active carbon
- It emphasizes the natural whiteness of teeth
- Removes stains without scrubbing
- Prevents the emergence of caries
Sodium bicarbonate
- Removes staining from teeth
- Neutralizes acids in the oral cavity
Low abrasion
- Gently and effectively removes deposits

Packaging: 75 ml
Toothpaste - White Active Charcoal

This toothpaste with white active charcoal restores natural whiteness of teeth without polishing and scrubbing. It protects against dental caries all the while strengthening the teeth. Refreshing aroma of spearmint prolongs the duration of fresh breath.
White activated charcoal
- Natural detoxification of the oral cavity
- Prevents the emergence of caries
Fluoride and dicalcium phosphate
- Heals the dental enamel
- Remineralizes and removes spots from the enamel surface
- Prevents the formation of deposits on teeth
- It extends the effect of freshness

Packaging: 75 ml