Kalodont toothpastes

The new, modern formulation of Kalodont toothpaste provides effective protection of teeth and oral cavity. Kalodont pastes give the complete protection of your teeth; whitening, freshness, and prevention from tooth decay and plaque.

Kalodont Whitening Active Black

Kalodont Whitening Active Black contains natural ingredient - Active Charcoal, which removes stains without polishing or scrubbing the teeth, protects teeth from cavities and keeps your teeth and gum healthy.  Neutralizes bad breath and removes plaque with efficiency. Apart from active charcoal, this toothpaste is enriched with Dicalcium phosphate, an ingredient that removes stains and demineralizes teeth enamel. Paraben, sugar,gluten and SLS free.

Packaging: 75 ml
Kalodont Whitening Beauty Smile

Kalodont Whitening Beauty Smile, toothpaste formula enriched with active ingredient hydroxyapatite, which remineralizes and rejuvenates teeth enamel, enhances whiteness and glow of teeth, as well as increases resistance to stains and dirt. Result?! Dazzling white teeth. Kalodont whitening Beauty smile nourishes gum, protects teeth from the dental caries and gives your breath a long-term freshness. Paraben, sugar and gluten free. 

Packaging: 75 ml
Kalodont Whitening Trendy White

Kalodont Whitening Trendy White, the most advanced formula of all Kalodont variants for teeth whitening! Active ingredients remove stains and dirt from teeth and dazzling molecule, called Timiron, provides an enchantingly glowing smile. This toothpaste gives your breath long-term freshness, protects teeth from discoloration, neutralizes mouth acids and removes plaque.

Packaging: 75 ml
Kalodont Whitening Smile and Glow

Kalodont Whitening  Smile and Glow toothpaste contains dazzling molecule Timiron, which enhances the glow of your teeth. Gel formula provides effective whiteness, it is low-abrasive and gentle to teeth enamel. The toothpaste is leaving you with a long-lasting fresh breath, and with regular usage, it guarantees healthy and dazzling white teeth. The formula contains Pentasodium Triphosphate, which protects teeth from dental caries. Paraben, sugar and gluten free.

Packaging: 75 ml
Kalodont Microgranule

The transparent gel toothpaste with active micrograins  creates a rich foam that penetrates between teeth and the places that are hard to reach and provides triple action: makes teeth stronger and protects them from decay, micrograins thoroughly and efficiently clean and polish teeth,  provides strong freshshness.  Enriched with peppermint oil and menthol.

Packaging: 50 ml, 75 ml, 125 ml
Kalodont Whitening

Kalodont Whitening contains tiny white micrograins that clean and polish your teeth and make them smooth and white. Kalodont Whitening  strengthens tooth enamel and provides reliable protection against dental caries. Strong flavor of fresh mint provides a long lasting freshness.

Packaging: 75 ml
Kalodont Herbal

Kalodont Herbal toothpaste provides natural oral protection. Formulation is enriched with 6 herbs that have many beneficial effects on the teeth and mouth - stops bleeding and helps with damage, burns and inflammation, is antiseptic and strengthens the gums, acts anti-inflammatory , antibacterial, and antiviral, has a soothing effect and freshens breath.

Packaging: 75 ml, 125 ml
Kalodont Extra Clean

Toothpaste Kalodont Extra Clean removes stains from teeth and prevents the formation of tartar, while ingredient calcium phosphate provides additional protection of tooth enamel from decay. Kalodont Extra Clean formula for healthy teeth and strong and long-lasting breath freshness.

Packaging: 75 ml
Kalodont Strong Mint i Ultra Fresh

New gel toothpaste  Fresh -Careformula protects against tooth decay and effectively removes plaque, and provides long-lasting freshness and purity. Kalodont Fresh - Care toothpaste is available in two refreshing variants  - Strong mint and Ultra Fresh.

Packaging: 50 ml, 125 ml
Kalodont Junior

Kalodont Junior toothpaste is for children over 6 years of age. Kalodont  Junior provides reliable protection from cavities and has beneficial effect on gums. The formulation is enriched with active ingredient panthenol, which has vitamin activity. Toothpaste is completely adjusted for children, without sugar and preservatives  and is pH neutral.