In the Ornel line of products we have built in all the knowledge and effort to ensure that your clothes would have unique softness and long lasting fragrance. Fragrance varieties are carefully selected to meet the most demanding consumer tastes.

Ornel Shù Shù

The Ornel Shù Shù fabric softener softens your clothes, towels and bedding, ensuring complete protection of the fabric. When wearing our favourite clothes, Ornel releases a light citrus-sweet floral composition with every movement of the body, providing irresistible luxury to the laundry. The rich and refined scent will allow your clothes to retain a wonderful scent even long after washing. Enter the world of luxury with Ornel Shù Shù and enjoy the luxury of every moment. Express your personality and enjoy all your senses in the Shù Shù way.


With the irresistible softness of the laundry and 30% more perfume compared to the regular product, Ornel Hello Sunshine perfectly conveys the character and spirit of the season with every breath.
Every drop of this extravagant and sensual fabric softener makes a luxurious combination of the most beautiful floral notes while the freshness and scent of the laundry will last for days.
With Ornel Hello Sunshine, expand your senses and awareness of perfection that knows no bounds.

Packaging: 900 ml, 2,7l , 3,75 l
Passion Follower

With Ornel with Neofresh® odor elimination technology, laundry is not only irresistibly soft, but also prolongs the feeling of freshness and introduces a new dimension of freshness throughout the day, regardless of your daily activities.

Ornel represents the sophisticated scent of the new Neofresh era, which with its intriguing top of precious green herbal notes and carefully selected floral bouquet of jasmine, lily of the valley and geranium with spicy notes gives a whole new dimension of cleanliness to our laundry and freedom and peace of mind with our daily commitments.

Packaging: 900 ml, 2,7 L

Ornel est Unique presents a seductive scent, inviting you to give yourself a challenging, sweet, fragrant atmosphere.
Scented interpretation at the begining is transformed into a soothing cherry blossom of raspberry and notes of green apple, while in the heart of the creation is sweet caramel bathed in rose vodka. Oriental notes of patchouli and vanilla give a gentle and pleasant feeling of satisfaction.
The modern and glamorous, delicately designed Ornel est Unique will delight your hidden uniqueness.

Packaging: 900 ml

A scent that captures challengingly infamous Florentine bouquet, complemented by aromatic notes of tonquin and precious fragrant essences of musk, amber and sandalwood.
The magic moment of pure perfection complemented by spicy freshness of tonquin has been preserved in a creative character that celebrates extravagance and prestige.

Packaging: 900 ml

A delightfully refined floral oriental scent reflects the glittering brilliant combination of sophisticated fruit notes and intriguing notes of sweet tonquin on the flamboyant basis of amber, musk, sandalwood and cedar.

Always keep your attitude and leave behind a seductive fragrance of modern elegance and glamor.

Packaging: 900 ml
Ornel Aloe Eco Active Nature

Ornel Eco Active Nature, enriched with Aloe Vera extract, is a softener with a specially selected gentle fragrant composition without colorants and allergens. It makes laundry soft and supple, and with its biodegradable formula, not only is it safe for the environment but also especially suitable for sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested and contains a special Quick Dry function * that ensures faster drying.
* Compared to laundry not washed with softener

Packaging: 900 ml
Ornel Calming

Ornel Calming attracts with its elegant feminine floral scent of gorgeous bouquet of rose, geranium and violet enriched with spice notes of cloves and vanilla. The essence of this fragrance is amber, musk and exotic notes of patchouli.
It is beautifully strong, intensely sensual and invitingly engaging.


Packaging: 900 ml, 1,8 l, 2,7 L

The sophisticated scent of Ornel Violet is woven with petals of violet, jasmine, lilac and rose. Containing a hint of anise, cloves and cinnamon, filled with velvety gourmet tones of a grain of tonquin that gives it strength, durability and stability, with warm musk, amber and patchouli.
Leave behind yourself a seductive scent of sophisticated elegance.

Packaging: 900 ml, 1,8 l, 2,7 l
Ornel Golden Dream

Ornel Golden Dreams first inhalation wins you over with the scent of orange juice and jasmine decorated with juicy nectarine. To keep the golden dreams last longer, precious aromatic essences of musk, amber and sandalwood are added.

Packaging: 900 ml, 1,8 l, 2,7 l
Ornel Lavender and immortelle

Ornel Lavender and Immortelle is an irresistible floral fruity woody scent with distinctive notes of lavender flowers and silhouettes that is beneficial and relaxing and soothing. Surround yourself with positive vibrations with Ornel and enjoy the scent of good mood that will follow you all day long.

Packaging: 900 ml, 1,8 L
ORNEL Jasmin & Cotton

Ornel Jasmine & Cotton, a fragrance that conceals the freshness and purity of the first spring flowers of jasmine complemented by sensual notes of tonquin, patchouli and cedar.
The special feature of this fragrance is the irresistible combination of precious musk components that call out to gentleness.

Packaging: 900 ml, 1,8 L, 2,7 L

Fabric softener Ornel by Molecule has incorporated fragrance of Molecule 01 perfume. The particularity of Molecule 01 is that it consists of only one component, a kind of mysterious aura that appears in waves on the skin; disappears and then appears again after several hours. Its velvety - powdered, woody, subtle and purified scent is subconsciously attractive. The unique composition of this new generation perfume represents the true art of chemistry within the bottle. Ornel's micellar formula makes fabric soft and leaves clothes soft and gentle on the skin.

Packaging: 900 ml

Softener Ornel Baby & Sensitive Babysoft is intended for sensitive and tender skin, hypoallergenic and dermatologically confirmed as tender and not irritating to the sensitive skin. Formulation does not contain coloring or allergens from fragrance. Specially tender formula will make children clothes, towels, linen and toys softer and smoother. Carefully selected allergene free scent note, in line with international standards, will provide freshness, light and tender powdery scent to the laundry. It helps clothes dry faster and ironing easier.


Packaging: 900 ml, 1,8 l, 2,7 l
Ornel Blue Marine

Open your heart and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a clear sunny day refreshed by a gentle playful breeze. The fragrant creation captivates us with fresh notes of essential oils of eucalyptus, orange and lemon. The fragrance is characterized by delicate floral notes of rose, jasmine and lavender, and sensual notes of patchouli, sandalwood, musk and amber emphasize softness and tenderness.

Packaging: 2,7 l; 3,75 l
Ornel Flower Garden

The intoxicating scents of the blossoming garden in the spring were the idea to create this fragrance. The fragrance opens with fresh green notes of hyacinth and narcissus leaves, the heart of this fragrance consists of hyacinth flower, lilac, lily of the valley and freesia rounded with warm and velvety powdery tones of sandalwood and musk. Embrace the natural tenderness and enjoy the seductive scent of a garden full of flowers.

Packaging: 2,7 l; 3,75 l