Disinfection and rinsing of laundry

Product for disinfecting and rinsing of laundry

Use with Faks Helizim Gel or Faks Helizim powder detergent for all washing programs, for white and colored laundry, for all types of textiles. Ensures 100% hygienic cleanliness of laundry, disinfects and softens laundry. Without bleach (chlorine) with the power of acetic acid - neutralizes the alkalinity of the detergent and softens the laundry. Effective from 20 ° C. We recommend it for all textile garments that come into contact with skin, bedding and sportswear.
Instructions for use: dispense 1 and a half closures (75ml / 5 kg of laundry) instead of fabric softener in the breeder's dosing compartment.
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Alkyl (C12-16) dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride 9.0 g / 100 g
CONTAINS: acetic acid

Packaging: 900 ml