"The best since we started taking care of dishes" is a slogan that best describes the line of dishwashing liquid detergents. Exceptional degreasing strength, rich and stable foam, and incorporated fragrance that covers unpleasant odor and make dishwashing delightful. Whole Likvi line is biodegradable and has a neutral pH.

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With Likvi ultra, experience effective neutralization of the unpleasant odor known to all of us when and after we prepare our meals. The basis of the fragrance composition is Neofresh® technology, which was developed to actively deal with odor.

Beneficial essential oils such as mint, eucalyptus and thyme, which are enriched with this fragrant composition, have antibacterial and relaxing effect and make the washing job more comfortable and simple. Likvi ultra is characterized by exceptional degreasing power, rich and stable foam.

The use of Likvi provides shiny cups, dry plastic utensils with no water droplets left, shiny pots, effectively removing traces of burned fat on the pans without soaking.

Likvi Eco Active Nature

Likvi Eco Active Nature with a concentrated formula that contains natural raw materials from renewable sources, with strong degreasing of the dishes, gives rich foam during washing and ensures excellent washing results.
All the components of the product are fully in line with European environmental standards, as confirmed by the EU Ecolabel certification, and the high efficiency of the product is confirmed at the recognized German Institute.
The product is dermatologically tested and especially gentle to the skin. Not tested on animals.

Likvi Ultra Fresh

Likvi Ultra Fresh is extremely effective in removing the most difficult stains and grease from your dishes. Its main characteristics are exceptional washing results and a refreshing lemon scent.

Likvi Ultra Original

Likvi Original will quickly and easily remove the toughest stains from dishes, and its main characteristics are exceptional washing results and a refreshing lemon scent.

Likvi Ultra Hygienic

Likvi Ultra Hygienic has multiple advantages. Active components ensure excellent cleaning results while reducing bacteria and odor from washing sponges. Anti-inflammatory component Triclosan reduces hand skin irritation.

Likvi Ultra Lavender and immortelle

Thanks to a formulation based on the specially selected active ingredients Likvi Ultra Lavender and immortelle removes even the most difficult dirt from all kinds of dishes. With a rich foam and irresistible scent of fresh lavender and immortelle, the dishwashing time is shorter and wiping is not necessary.

Likvi Balsam Camomile

Likvi Balsam Camomile is specifically created to allow your dishes superior cleanliness and extreme care for your hands. Specially selected ingredients with the gentle fragrance are perfect for the skin of your hands.