Likvi Automat

Likvi Automat is a product line for dishwashing machine that makes dishes sparkling clean and immensly brilliant.

Likvi All in 1 Multipower Plus

Likvi all in 1 Multipower Plus tablets contain specially conceived Multipower plus formulation with special washing booster - Powerboost action – to ensure brilliantly clean dishes, especially glasses, cutlery and other utensils. Tablets effectively dissolve grease and dried food residues, powerfully remove even the toughest stains, guaranteeing perfect cleanliness.

Packaging: 15 pc, 42 pc, 60 pc, 100 pc
Likvi Automat Rinse Agent

Recomended in case of very hard water (>21° dH) This rinse agent leaves your dishes with a brilliant shine. It neutralizes any remains of the dishwashing powder, and the rinse water drains off your dishes in an instant, leaving them completely dry very quickly. Used in combination with Likvi automat classis and Likvi automat salt.

Packaging: 450 ml
Likvi Salt

Recomended in case of very hard water (>21° dH) Likvi automat salt protects and maintains your dishwasher, and its water softening device. The salt allows for the active binding of mineral ions in the rinse water, thus preventing the build-up of lime scale and spots on your dishes. Ensures the optimal efficiency of your detergent and rinse agent.

Packaging: 1,5 kg