Bathroom cleaning products

Limescale, bacteria, soap residues and other stubborn stains in the bathroom pose the biggest problems while cleaning the house. Active components in Arf bathroom cleaners effectively and easily remove the toughest stains providing sparkling shine and hygienic cleanliness

Arf Bathroom Eco Active Nature

Arf Bathroom Eco Active Nature, with a formulation of 99.9% natural raw materials from renewable sources, will effectively remove scale and other dirt in the bathroom. After cleaning, surfaces are easy to wash, dry quickly and remain brilliant. This innovative formula contains no colorants and allergens. The product was not tested on animals.
All the components of the product are fully in line with European environmental standards, as confirmed by the EU Ecolabel certification, and the high efficiency of the product is confirmed at the recognized German Institute.

Packaging: 750 ml

Professional formula for sparkling cleanliness and an irresistible bathroom scent. Arf bathroom professional protect formula quickly and thoroughly removes scale, rust and stubborn stains. After cleaning, the surfaces are clean, shiny and protected from new stains.

Packaging: 600 ml
Arf Deobad

Arf Deobad with 5 x strong activity easily removes limescale, soap residue and other stains that can accumulate in the bath, shower, sink, taps and tiles. The cleaner includes a special components of the multi-purpose action that create a protective film on the cleaned surface by providing up to 5 times longer protection of the surface from the acumulation of limescale and other stains. This way the cleaning is much easier, and the surfaces are clean and without water stains for longer period of time.

Packaging: 650 ml
Arf Deobad Lavender and immortelle

Arf Deobad Lavender and immortelle easily removes water-based scale, soap residues, and other dirt that is deposited on a bathtub, shower cabin, washbasin, tap or ceramic tiles. It contains special components with multifunctional action that create a protective film on the cleaned surface providing surface protection against water deposits and other impurities. In this way, cleaning is much easier and the surfaces are shiny and without  watermarks.

Packaging: 650ml