Universal cleaners

Different areas in the house and different stains require the use of a large number of cleaners We have prepared a range of universal cleaning products, which include brands Arf, Bis Universal and Vim.

Arf universal cleaners

Save your time and money and in a wide range of Arf universal cleaning products find effective products for cleaning and care of the most demanding surfaces in your home.

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Arf universal is a universal cleaner with innovative Neofresh® technology that effectively and seamlessly removes and counteracts household odors.

The fragrant composition of Neofresh® technology with its selected green, herbal fruity notes introduces us to the harmony of floral notes of rose and petals of bitter orange, which are basically inspired by the charm and nobility of musk and amber.

Beneficial essential oils such as mint, eucalyptus and thyme, which are enriched with this fragrant composition, have antibacterial and certainly relaxing effects and make cleaning work more comfortable and easy.

Arf Cream Eco Active Nature

Arf Cream Eco Active Nature with the power of natural micro-crystals will remove even the toughest dirt and will not leave any scratches on cleaned surfaces. It is indispensable for cleaning stoves, sinks, ceramic tiles, bathtubs, washbasins. The product was not tested on animals.

Packaging: 450 ml

Thanks to the innovative formulation, ARF universal micellar formula during cleaning  creates a protective layer on surfaces which  protects it from the new soiling (the Invisible Shield Protection). In that way, all surfaces retain a crystal cleanliness for a long time.  It can be used for the cleaning of all surfaces in the household – windows, mirrors, high-gloss surfaces, smaller floor surfaces, doors, plastic coated furniture, protected wooden surfaces, washable surfaces in the car, electronic devices. In the Arf universal micellar formula is embedded a scent of perfume Molecule No 1. that everyone will experience in a special way, as the scent has the property of recurrence and every time ou experience it, it will be smelling different. At one moment Woody, another floral, but each time warm and sensual, for the space to be full of freshness.

Packaging: 650 ml
Arf Cream
Natural, Professional, Citro i Original

Arf Cream reliably cleans and cares for the most demanding surfaces in the home. Combining the power of soft abrasives and effectiveness of active ingredients, Arf Cream will remove the toughest stains, without leaving scratches on the items it cleans. Indispensable for cleaning the stove, sink, tiles, bathtubs, sinks...

They come in five variants: Natural, Professional, Citro and Original.

Packaging: 500 ml
Arf Gord

Arf Gord is an universal cleaner without abrasives for cleaning all water cleanable surfaces in household. It can be used in diluted and concentrated form, depending on the toughness of stains. With Arf Gord Your home will radiate cleanleness and fresh pine scent.

Packaging: 500 ml
Arf Professional Universal

The unique formula effectively cleans the plastic, metal, glass and wood and gives perfect shine and pleasant smell.

Packaging: 650 ml
Arf Blic

Arf Blic is indispensable in the cleaning and care of objects made of stainless steel. Effective cleaner which will easily remove stains and keep the original shine of stove, sink, faucet, kitchen hoods and other objects.

Packaging: 750 ml

Is a universal cleaner for removing greasy and other heavy dirt from different surfaces (cooker, refrigerator, microwave ovens, garden furniture, blinds, bicycles, radiators).

It also successfully removes various dirt from textiles.