Our soaps will with their rich textures soften your skin, gently clean and give a pleasant smell.

Lahor soaps

Lahor soaps are based on herbal, coconut and palm oils, that are gentle to your skin still providing necessary power of washing, have thick and stable foam and a mild odor. They come in six different variants: Natural, Aqua, Sensitive, Aroma Therapy, Wild Rose and Orchid&Almond.

Packaging: 90 g
Lahor Baby

Lahor Baby soap is intended for the daily care of sensitive baby and child skin. Gently hydrates skin and gives a pleasant mild scent.

Packaging: 90 g
Lahor Exclusive

Three scented versions merged into gentle formulations soaps for hand washing and turned into the most desirable sense of fragrant pleasure that you will want to repeat every day. Golden Dream, Mystery Night and Purple Dream will awaken all your senses.

Packaging: 90 g
Lahor Antibacterial 90g

Lahor Antibacterial soap will help you to prevent the spread of most infectious and diseases that can be handed over with unclean hands.

Packaging: 90g