Hand creams

Kaina cream intensely hydrates the skin and protects it from drying out and damaging external influences.

HYDRATING HAND CREAM SOS with marigold and chamomile extract

A specially balanced formulation of moisturizing SOS hand cream restores damaged skin and strengthens the skin's defense mechanism. It is irreplaceable for dry and rough cracked hand skin, and is recommended for frequent hand washing and disinfection.

The cream contains glycerin, and marigold and chamomile extract, which restores elasticity and soothes sensitive skin, making it soft and supple immediately after application.

Light consistency, balanced moisturizing ingredients immediately moisturize the skin of the hands and are quickly absorbed and do not leave a greasy mark on the hands.
Dermatologically tested

Packaging: 75 ml
Kaina - Marigolds and Chamomile

Kaina with extracts of marigold and chamomile is a hydrating cream of light texture for gently daily care of all skin types.
Marigold is known even today as a plant of priceless value. It renews damaged skin and strengthens the defense mechanism of the skin.

The essential property of chamomile is soothing and nourishing. It calms inflammatory processes, softens and nurtures tissue. Its feature is especially evident in cosmetics as one of the best plants for skin and hair care.

Packaging: 75 ml
Kaina Intensive - Coco butter

Intensive cream for hand and body, enriched with coco butter, protects and nourishes the skin, adding to its elasticity, provides smoothness, instantly absorbent and does not leave an oily trace.

Coco Butter adds to the elasticity of the skin and creates a mild coat on the skin, giving smoothness, preventing its drying and untimely aging. Coco butter is rich with Vitamin E, it acts as a strong antioxidant and it deeply hydrates the skin.

Packaging: 75 ml
Kaina - Olive and Comfrey

Olive and Comfrey Kaina contains extracts of Olive and Comfrey, it has distinctly nourishing effect for sensitive skin. It softens and nurtures the skin, affecting well on it's stimulation – solidifies and rejuvenates. Olive oil is rich with vitamin E and other natural antioxidants; it has a regenerating effect on tissue and the possibility of skin to regulate the natural moisturizing system. Comfrey is a natural source of allantois; it contains carotenoids, vitamin A, C and E along with numerous other minerals.

Packaging: 75 ml