Bis Water Mist air fresheners

The new line of air fresheners Bis Water Mist make a refreshing waterbased scent.

Inspired by the natural compositions that give us a sense of freshness, cleanliness, warmth of home and encourage the activity, relaxation and meditation. They are equipped with a specially designed mini spray pump creating a fragrance mist. They contain natural essential oils.

Bis Water Mist Flowers

Opulent floral rhapsody of jasmine, rose, lilac and freesia is complemented by soft green tones of bamboo.

Discrete notes of anise, raspberry and cinnamon give it a personality, and sandalwood and musk permanent presence in space.

Packaging: 340 ml
Bis Water Mist Lavanda (Lavander)

Base notes of lavender, eucalyptus and lemon fill the space with freshness of summer breeze. The fullness and richness of this fragrance is given by May rose and geranium complemented with sensual musk.

Packaging: 340 ml

Bis Intense Radiance by Faks 55 years brings the freshness and beauty of spring to your laundry and space. Accords of white flowers and fresh green notes perfectly match the base notes of praline and caramel, creating a real spring rhapsody.
Bis Intense Radiance is a high-intensity room freshener, a refined composition that stays in the room for a long time.