Bis Scented Freshners

BIS is intended for refreshing the living space, neutralizing odours and additionally perfuming the laundry, and Bis by Ornel Golden Dream Exclusive is intended just for refreshing the living space.

Air, laundry and car freshener

Enjoy the scent and beauty of a sunny day with the refreshing and upbeat scent of spring brought to you by every drop of Bis Hello Sunshine.

It combines an exotic fruity floral combination with top notes of peach and sweet orange combined with a gorgeous floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and cherry blossom on a warm creamy base of noble sandalwood and musk.
We also recommend Bis Hello Sunshine, in addition to refreshing the space, for refreshing the interior of the car and laundry.

Packaging: 400 ml

Green citrusy notes of lemon, grapefruit and pine needles in irresistible combination of floral-woody-musky notes give the sense of freshness and cleanliness in the air. Bis Pure lemon, beside air freshening, is recommended as car freshener and laundry freshener as well. Fragrance contains natural essential oil of fresh lemon.

Packaging: 400 ml
Bis Floral

Pleasant scent affects our mood: it can relax us, amaze us, amuse us, bring out some long forgotten memories. Inspired by those scents we created the BIS line of air and laundry fresheners. Let Bis Floral take you to a whole new world of unforgettable fragrances.

Packaging: 400 ml
Bis Freshness by Ornel Calming

The inspiration for the new scented air and laundry freshener was found in Ornel Calming, one of the most popular fragrance among Ornel softeners. Enjoy the long lasting fragrant notes and create the most comfortable place for your home. Bis Freshness by Ornel Calming is  intended for refreshing the living space, neutralizing odours and for additionally perfuming the laundry.

Packaging: 400 ml
Bis by Ornel Golden Dream

Intoxicating notes of orange blossom and jasmine dewed with juicy nectarine juice will make your living space magical, and with the fragrant essences of musk, amber and sandalwood                       that feeling will last throughout the day and night.

Packaging: 400 ml