Bis Intense air fresheners

The inspiration for the creation of a new line of Bis intense air fresheners were our finest perfume compositions. We have developed a seductive and luxurious air fresheners that create magic atmosphere in your home. Bis intense are high intensity fresheners, with sophisticated composition, with high-quality that stay long in the space that neutralize any unwanted odors in the room. For all the above reasons they are considered as premium air fresheners.


This room freshner contains the scent of the perfume Molecule 01. The peculiarity of Molecule 01 is that it consists of only one component, acting like a mysterious aura, appearing in the waves on the skin; disappearing and then reappearing after few hours. Velvety – powdery, woody, subtle and refined fragrance, acting on people almost like a pheromone, and subconsciously attracting. The unique composition of this new generation's perfume represents the true art of chemistry inside the bottle. We hope that you will enjoy discovering all of its faces.

Packaging: 340 ml