The Saponia Team

At Saponia, we believe that our employees make the company successful. For over one hundred years, we have been known for our brands, and behind each brand is a team of creative and highly professional people dedicated to achieving the highest quality and recognition of our products. Our tradition, as well as our leading position in the Croatian detergent industry and the dynamic and exceptionally competitive market force us to constantly innovate, lower existing prices and create new products, all in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our expert teams are comprised of ambitious and experienced people, open to attaining new skills and the knowledge required for development in the detergent industry. Our organizational culture respects leadership, orientation towards accomplishing high goals and proactive conduct. In accordance to the company's mission statement, our employees work to satisfy customer needs and develop customer loyalty to our products. Their greatest attributes are their drive for ideas and quality.


In accordance with legal regulations, provisions, the rules of modern business practice and high ethical standards, the Management Board leads and manages the company's operations, with the support of the Supervisory Board. It is the main interest of the Board to ensure the successful operations and advancement of the company.

The Board submits regular reports of its work to the Supervisory Board.

The Board and Supervisory Board submit regular reports of their work to the company Shareholder's Assembly. The shareholders decide at the Assembly regarding the annual financial results and assess the business policies of the Board and the supervision conducted by the Supervisory Board.


President of the Board
Ivan Grbešić

Board Members
Davor Bošnjaković

Hrvoje Bujan

President of the Supervisory Board
Zdravko Pavić

Supervisory Board Members
Marko Mikulić
Tonćo Zovko
Robert Knezović
Željko Grbačić (worker representative)


Development of human resources

It is our task to ensure the possibilities for you to obtain the expert/specialist and managerial knowledge and skills necessary in the detergent industry that will allow the implementation of our company strategy. It is our goal to: enable employees to continue development in their field of expertise and advance in their careers; keep up with the constant changes in the organization and society; stimulate the development of knowledge and skills necessary to follow rapid technological and market changes; support strategic directions of development for the company in the area of human resources management, while at the same time creating added value for consumers, owners and employees.

We systematically support your professional development in Saponia in order to allow you to develop your competency in a way for you to offer your best to the company. Throughout your career, you will constantly observe and learn from your colleagues. This principle of “learning through practice” is supplemented with focus training and education directed at developing the necessary technical, personal and business skills at the right moment in your career.

This entire system will increase your employment possibilities as the time you spend at Saponia will give you a competitive advantage. Therefore, we expect you to be open to the constructive criticism offered and to be prepared for constant improvements of your results, because in our company, the learning never stops.

Join us

For all these reasons, we are constantly looking for gifted and creative people, capable of permanently improving their way of working, ready for a lifetime of learning and training. We expect leadership and teamwork. We expect you to be a realistic optimist with the attitude “let's move forward”, capable of predicting future trends, innovative, capable of resolving problems put before you and, of course, that above all you aim for personal improvement and achieving maximal results at any given time and under any conditions and are not satisfied with anything less.

If you feel that you are the right person for us and are interested in working in Saponia, fill out the form or sign up for open tender. Your information will be included in our database of potential candidates for employment. If you meet our criteria, we will invite you to an extensive interview and testing, which include psychological, as well as specific tests of knowledge regarding the job for which we are recruiting.


Are you interested in a job in Saponia? We invite you to fill out our online application form, the application will be stored in the database.

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