Research and Development

Many years of experience, knowledge obtained through cooperation with the world's most famous companies and constant monitoring and application of scientific and technical achievements are a guarantee of quality of the Saponia products.  

Following the global trends and taking care and preservation of the environment, our products are not tested on animals.

Sustainable Development

Respect for the principles of sustainable development has always been part of the Saponia's business culture, though it wasn't called this way, and it was not always particularly emphasized. Our own mission "improving daily living by developing a culture of cleanliness and health as a lifestyle" is based on the principles of sustainable development. When developing new products and services we are always trying to get the maximum benefit for the consumer with minimal environmental impact. This is achieved by carefully listening to the needs of our customers and monitoring developments in the field of new, environmentally friendly raw materials, packaging methods... We strive to positively affect the environment in which we live and work, because "good is allways returned with good," through support of high quality cultural and sports programs , institutions and societies, and by supporting organizations that work to improve the quality of life in different ways. Support is not just financial, but also our staff to emphasize the active members of organizations that operate in our area and our own work and knowledge to help achieve better living and working conditions for all of us.

Quality policy

Saponia's goal is to be the leading regional producer of detergents, cleaning products and hygiene products which satisfy customers with their quality, design and price, while also making a profit.

The quality principles are the means for achieving consumer trust and business success, responsibility for quality in the broadest sense of belongs to Management and each employee is personally responsible for the results and the quality of their work and the final assessment of our the quality comes from of our customers; this assessment is accepted and we strive to continually improve the product quality and effectiveness of the system to achieve the targeted goal, the quality is approached systematically, we tend to the highest professional competence of all employees, with a constant flow of information and the organization that allows for continuous improvement.

Environmental Policy

Systematic care about the environment is incorporated into all levels of Saponija.

Environmental management is one of the most important factors in our development strategies, which Saponia confirmed by adoption of environmental policy, which is committed to:

  • compliance with and enforcement of laws and regulations of the environmental protection, international conventions, protocols and agreements signed by Croatia, regulations and requirements of the local community, and other requirements that organizations have undertaken to comply with
  • continuous emission monitoring operation with constant striving to reduce the negative environmental impact through product development and manufacturing processes, and the use of raw materials and packaging with less environmental impact,
  • continuing education of workers in terms of a complete understanding of environmental protection and raising awareness about the potential impact of their activities on the environment is.