Welcome to Saponia!

Since 1894, when Samuel Reinitz began writing successful history of Saponia with first production of soap, many individuals and entire generations have given their contribution to the emergence of Saponia in modern detergent and toilet industry. We are especially proud of our top brands that have become synonymous for quality and they are irreplaceable for decades in many households: Faks helizim, Nila, Rubel, Bioaktiv, Plavi Radion, Ornel, Likvi, Tipso, Arf, Vim, Bis, Lahor, Frutella, Kalodont, Di, Brinell, Skit. They are the result of the work of our experts who have mission to provide superior cleanliness and health to you and your family.

We take care of our rich history based on the exceptional quality of our products which was built by generations of our satisfied customers.


Through the development and production of innovative products, we improve the culture of cleanliness and health and encourage the growth of the quality of life of our customers. The perfect balance of technological achievements and principles of sustainable development positions Saponia as a responsible partner of its stakeholders and a company that strives for excellence in business.


We strive for excellence in all business segments through systematic improvement and modernization of technological processes. In accordance with global trends, we strive to achieve high competitiveness and long-term sustainability of business and create a portfolio of top quality products with the aim of creating new values for our consumers and business partners.

Certificates and quality certificates

ISO 9001:2015                                            AUTHORIZED ECONOMIC OPERATOR
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 50001:2018                               Croatian Ministry of Finance Customs Administration